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4 Easy Homemade Recipes to Make Dog Treats with 3 Ingredients

With the day-to-day running, our cabinets end up being filled with pre-cooked foods and the freezer full of frozen ones. We have less and less time to prepare homemade food for ourselves and also for the animals of the house, so we end up offering them more and more food, dry or canned. However, these foods contain preservatives that can cause problems for the good health of our dogs.

Just as when we think of our family’s well-being, we come to the conclusion that cooking for us is certainly the healthiest option, and for our puppies it is no different. By preparing the Homemade dog treats from our pets at home, we can control the quality and quantity of the various ingredients. It is important to remember that the meal served to them, should be balanced (in general, the amount of protein will be 50%, 25% of vegetables, 25% of carbohydrates and do not forget to add supplements like vitamins, minerals and omega 3 to the Dog food container).

It is also important to note that this is a diet recommended only for healthy dogs! If your dog has any health problems, I recommend that you seek the help of a veterinary nutritionist to know exactly what he can eat. This is a traditional European diet that has been approved by veterinary nutritionists, and is based on the food that people have been preparing for their dogs for generations. I offer to my dogs over 20 years and they just love it.

The recommended daily dose for each type of home food should be calculated as follows:

Each portion of Homemade dog treats of your dog should contain:

  • 50% protein,
  • 25% of vegetables,
  • 25% carbohydrate.

The daily dose of protein recommended for a dog is:

  • 5% of body weight – for sedentary or overweight dogs,
  • 2% to 3% of your body weight – for adults with a more active lifestyle,
  • 5% of the weight of your body – for puppies.

The amounts of vegetables and carbohydrates should be calculated based on the ratio described above, based on the protein which is 50% when cooking Homemade dog treats. Snacks should not be offered in large quantities and need not be included in the above calculation.

Homemade Dog Food Recipe – Does it take too long and expensive to make my dog’s food at home?

Not necessarily. It is perfectly possible to prepare a homemade food for our dogs, without having to make a great amount of time and money for it. Just as for us, the animal feed must be balanced so as to contain the protein, carbohydrates and fiber, so that there is the necessary balance.

Meal for 1 day (2 courses per day). All foods are cooked in water without any seasoning and should be served when fresh to the Dog food container.

Recipe 1

  • 125g of lean meats without fat
  • 104g of brown rice
  • 20g chicken liver

Recipe 2

  • 125g of Chicken
  • 52gr of Carrot
  • 52 grams of Beet

Recipe 3

  • 125g of cooked egg (More or less 1 egg and a half)
  • 104g Sweet potato
  • 52g of Carrot

Recipe 4

  • 125g of Chicken or Ground Beef without fat
  • 104g of brown rice
  • 52g of Broccoli

Extra Recipe

  • 125g of Chicken or Meat
  • 104g of brown rice
  • 20g of Chicken Heart

I hope you enjoyed the Homemade dog treats recipes and that your Pet is very happy with the new foods, but remember that these recipes are for 100% healthy dogs.

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