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5 Best Homemade Dog Food Recipes Your Dog Will Love (2018)

Today, its uncommon for homeowners to choose to make homemade dog treats for their dogs. As looking to save money or make sure you know the type of ingredients in your dog meals it isn’t that hard to do. It’s easy to make homemade dog food as all you need is to make sure the dog food contains proteins, calcium and other vital nutrients your dog need for energy.

Also, keep an eye on your dog health, while adjusting the recipe when needed, and avoid overfeeding. Its highly recommended to add dog supplements, but check with your veterinarian to make sure you’re getting what they need or if you need to add any new supplements.

Here are 5 great homemade dog food recipes that your dog is sure to enjoy.

Homemade Chicken Dinner Recipe for Dogs

Dogs love chicken meat, and it can be a natural ingredient to use for homemade dog treats. You can add vegetables to these treats but avoid onions and uncooked carrots as they are hard to digests. While you can grind up the chicken, it’s best if you dice up meat, into smaller bites. To prepare this recipe you need 5 pounds of chicken. Use the whole chicken and including the neck meat, heart and livers or use a boneless skinless chicken breast which is cheaper.

Add 2 cups of red cabbage, 2 skinned apples, 2 cups of spinach and 5 whole eggs. Add 2 tablespoons olive oil which can be feed cooked or raw. Make sure the meat is fresh for raw feeding.  Chop up the chicken and boil in a pot with all ingredient until its almost fully cooked.

Homemade fish dinner for dogs

Fish meat is an excellent choice for dogs. Fish is an excellent source for omega 3 fatty acids suitable for your dogs’ skin and coat. Remember some dogs are allergic to fish if you notice any itching after eating fish check with your veterinarian.

To prepare a fish recipe, you will need 2 pounds of fish fillets frozen is fine, 2 cans of pink salmon, 3 whole eggs, 1 cup of ice and 3 cups of diced vegetables.  You can rind or dice the fish and cook for about 5 minutes with the rest of the ingredients.  Learn more.

Chicken, Broccoli and Rice Dinner for Dogs

Broccoli is a great homemade dog treats whether as a snack or a full meal. The recipe is rich in calcium and promotes fresh breath. The feed provides your dog has a well-balanced mealtime when mixed with 5 pounds of diced chicken, 5 whole eggs, 5 cups cooked rice and 3 tablespoons of olive oil.

Homemade Beef Dinner for Dogs

This is the best homemade dog treats made with raw homemade meatballs. You will need 10 pounds of ground beef mostly ground turkey, 10 whole eggs cooked or raw, 5 cups of fried rice white or brown and 3 cups of mixed vegetables.

The recipe is more fun and interesting for your dog. Cook the meat and rice with water and the vegetables near the end of the cooking.   The meal can be used as an easy to catch snack once cooled and can be stored for 5 days refrigerates in a dog food container.

Homemade Doggy Dessert Dinner

Fruits are good for dogs, but not citrus and grapefruits. You can choose tofrom the many choices that are palatable for dogs. Some dogs will enjoy fresh frozen fruits fed as treats especially blueberries. Feed the entire fruits meals sparingly as too much may lead to diarrhoea.

Lastly, if you need more ideas on comfortable homemade dog treats recipes for a busy dog; ever check our next post. Click here for more information:

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4 Easy Homemade Recipes to Make Dog Treats with 3 Ingredients

With the day-to-day running, our cabinets end up being filled with pre-cooked foods and the freezer full of frozen ones. We have less and less time to prepare homemade food for ourselves and also for the animals of the house, so we end up offering them more and more food, dry or canned. However, these foods contain preservatives that can cause problems for the good health of our dogs.

Just as when we think of our family’s well-being, we come to the conclusion that cooking for us is certainly the healthiest option, and for our puppies it is no different. By preparing the Homemade dog treats from our pets at home, we can control the quality and quantity of the various ingredients. It is important to remember that the meal served to them, should be balanced (in general, the amount of protein will be 50%, 25% of vegetables, 25% of carbohydrates and do not forget to add supplements like vitamins, minerals and omega 3 to the Dog food container).

It is also important to note that this is a diet recommended only for healthy dogs! If your dog has any health problems, I recommend that you seek the help of a veterinary nutritionist to know exactly what he can eat. This is a traditional European diet that has been approved by veterinary nutritionists, and is based on the food that people have been preparing for their dogs for generations. I offer to my dogs over 20 years and they just love it.

The recommended daily dose for each type of home food should be calculated as follows:

Each portion of Homemade dog treats of your dog should contain:

  • 50% protein,
  • 25% of vegetables,
  • 25% carbohydrate.

The daily dose of protein recommended for a dog is:

  • 5% of body weight – for sedentary or overweight dogs,
  • 2% to 3% of your body weight – for adults with a more active lifestyle,
  • 5% of the weight of your body – for puppies.

The amounts of vegetables and carbohydrates should be calculated based on the ratio described above, based on the protein which is 50% when cooking Homemade dog treats. Snacks should not be offered in large quantities and need not be included in the above calculation.

Homemade Dog Food Recipe – Does it take too long and expensive to make my dog’s food at home?

Not necessarily. It is perfectly possible to prepare a homemade food for our dogs, without having to make a great amount of time and money for it. Just as for us, the animal feed must be balanced so as to contain the protein, carbohydrates and fiber, so that there is the necessary balance.

Meal for 1 day (2 courses per day). All foods are cooked in water without any seasoning and should be served when fresh to the Dog food container.

Recipe 1

  • 125g of lean meats without fat
  • 104g of brown rice
  • 20g chicken liver

Recipe 2

  • 125g of Chicken
  • 52gr of Carrot
  • 52 grams of Beet

Recipe 3

  • 125g of cooked egg (More or less 1 egg and a half)
  • 104g Sweet potato
  • 52g of Carrot

Recipe 4

  • 125g of Chicken or Ground Beef without fat
  • 104g of brown rice
  • 52g of Broccoli

Extra Recipe

  • 125g of Chicken or Meat
  • 104g of brown rice
  • 20g of Chicken Heart

I hope you enjoyed the Homemade dog treats recipes and that your Pet is very happy with the new foods, but remember that these recipes are for 100% healthy dogs.

check out this post for more informations and help

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Why Indestructible Dog Toys Are Best For Your Pooch?

Have you been thinking about buying an ifetch or another type of toy for your dog? Every dog owner buys their pup toys and lots of little playthings so that they enjoy themselves but unfortunately lots of toys fail to meet the standards. Dog toys are not always made overly strong or tough and end up falling apart within the first few days. That’s not ideal and it’s potentially dangerous too which is why more dog owners are looking into the possibility of indestructible toys for their dogs. Why are these so popular amongst dog owners?

They Are Hard To Break

You want your dog to be happy and dogs love toys and playing with them but if their toys keep breaking then they are not ideal. When you choose indestructible dog toys you can be a little more assured these won’t break so easily. That is not only ideal but necessary! Having to replace toys every few weeks is not ideal and it can be actually very costly too which is a real problem to say the least. However, when you look at toys which are harder to break you spend a lot less on such things. In the long term you can save a little bit of money which is fantastic.

Less Deadly For Dogs

What happens if the dogs bite through their toys and little bits of the toy flies off? Well, in all honesty, the dog might go ahead and swallow up the bits and that’s not ideal to say the least. Remember, dogs eat any little thing because they are curious and they’ll end up getting very ill if they consume toys. That’s one drawback of using many unsafe dog toys. Even when you look at the ifetch toys, you have to ensure these are safe. When you look at toys which are harder to break (indestructible) then you can be a lot more assured that the dog won’t swallow anything he shouldn’t. More details.

Safer Materials

Indestructible dog toys are really ideal to say the least and it’s easy to see why. With these toys they are going to be far harder to break and that’s good but many of them are also made from better materials. Manufacturers are getting more wary and are using materials which are considered to be very safe. That is why there are so many who are choosing these toys than ever before. Getting toys with safer materials can make a real difference to the dog and it might just help to keep them far safer also. There are so many reasons as to why toys which are indestructible are a lot better for dogs.

Do what’s Best for Your Dog

You absolutely have to ensure your dog is given the best in all walks, even toys. Yes, that might sound a bit strange but it’s certainly an important point to make. Dogs love their toys and if they are given toys which are a little unsafe it puts them at risk. That is not what you want or need and it might just mean your dog is put at unnecessary risk as well. Whether you choose an ifetch or another toy you have to ensure it’s truly safe for your pet. Check out this site:

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Dog Food Recipes Information: Homemade Is Best

dog food

Do you think homemade dog treats are safe or good for the dog? To be honest, there are a lot of pet owners who are now considering homemade rather than store bought tins and treats. You cannot blame them, however, as it seems as though, like with our own food, we truly don’t know what’s in the food we dogs consume. Dogs need a lot of care and attention and the foods they consume can determine their long-term health. Before you start whipping up some homemade dog food, however, read on to find out a few important things first.

Add Good Fats to the Diet

First and foremost, dogs need carbohydrates and fats to keep them active and to deliver energy to their bodies. A lot of people think fat and carbohydrates are out, but that’s not necessarily the case. However, you do have to be careful how much you give the dog and ensure the fats being added to the diet are good fats. There are two kinds of fats: good and bad and ideally the good’s ones are the ones you want. Now, you can create delicious foods and snacks at home and keep them in a dog food container so that it doesn’t go bad quickly. Keeping the food in a sealed container will help to keep the foods fresh and consumable.

Choose Ingredients Which Are Nutritious

The type of ingredients you use in the homemade food will make a real impact on your dog so you have to be very careful. You cannot, of course, feed the dog with out of date ingredients or sugary or fatty foods. Yes, fats are needed, but in moderation. You cannot load a dog’s food with just fat, especially if they don’t get sufficient exercise! You have to choose ingredients which are nutritious for the dog. This will be very important to continue their development and to keep them healthy too. Homemade dog treats must be the same. You have to choose ingredients which are nutritious.Get more tips from

Should Homemade Be The Way For Your Dog?

dog foodChoosing homemade food for dogs over store bought can be a great idea and it might even help to save a little money here and there too. However, you have to be sure this is the right move for the dog and that the dog actually eats its food. If you try homemade food for a few days and the dog isn’t eating it then there is a reason why. You might have to slowly add homemade dog food into the dog’s diet in order for them to enjoy it. If food doesn’t get used, keep it in a sealed dog food container and the dog can eat a little later when it is ready.

Love Your Dog and Give Them Healthy Food

Homemade dog food might not sound too appealing and yet it’s something which can actually be a good thing for him. Dogs can have a healthy diet with homemade dog food but you do need to ensure the dog likes what you give him. It might be a try and test element about it but once you get a great dish you can offer your dog a nice treat every now and again. Homemade dog treats are fantastic and your dog is sure to enjoy them.

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Dog Food Container – The Top 5 Reasons to Use One


Do you think about using a dog food container? In truth, a lot of people don’t always think about using these containers and it’s easy to see why. You probably don’t think you need them and secondly you probably think it’s a waste of money. However, dog food containers can in fact be one of the best tools to have within your home today. Not sure you really need one though? Why don’t you read on and find just five of the top reasons why you need to use one of the containers.

Someone Will Knock the Dog Food Over At Some Point

It doesn’t matter if you have a full sack of dog food somewhere within the kitchen or otherwise, it will end up getting spilled all over the floor! When it does it’s going to be very difficult to clean it all up and it’s just going to cause more problems than anything having open food lying around. It would be a better idea to look at a container for the open food so that what is not needed can be put away for later. It’s the same with homemade dog treats; you can store them carefully away. It makes far more sense.

It Keeps the Kitchen Tidy

Let’s be honest, having a few dog food bags lying around might not be the look you want for your kitchen. While you might think they don’t get in the way or make your kitchen look bad, think again! It’s not always the best first impression to see when someone walks through the door and it’s time you thought about keeping the kitchen tidy. You could use a dog food container instead. That will help to keep the food locked away tightly and it’ll help to ensure the kitchen looks far more appealing also.Read page from for more tips.

Covering Up Odours

Dog food can smell bad. You might not notice it at first but sooner or later you will and when you do, it’s going to hit you hard! Dog food really is not the most pleasant scent to have around the home which is why a container is needed. Like homemade dog treats they can start to smell a little but keeping them in a container might prove far better. It’s an effective way to help cover up dog food odours.

No Rodents in the Kitchen

Chicken-MixMice and rats and lots of other little rodents can smell food, even dog food and if they get into your kitchen it can be a feeding frenzy for them. If you want to detract rodents then you have to ensure the food is sealed properly. What is more, if a rodent got into the dog food and it left droppings behind it could harm the dog if they consumed it so you have to be safe. A dog food container can be a very useful tool to have and it’s a lot safer as well.

Preventing Dogs from Overeating

You love your dog and feed him or her at the right moments but if you have an opened container around, dogs can overeat. Overeating for any animal can be bad because it can be very difficult to shift the excess weight they put on. If they don’t get enough exercise then they will become beefy and it’s not good for their health. Instead, you have to think about using a container to prevent this. You can still offer them homemade dog treats but just be wary how much they are eating and exercising.Click website!

Love Your Dogs

You love your dog but you have to ensure you keep them safe even when it comes to what they consume. If there is no food container then it might mean they overeat when they shouldn’t or that rodents get into it. There are many good reasons why dog food containers are a great idea. Buy a dog food container today and ensure you give your dog everything they need today.

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Natural Dog Food Contains Important Nutrients for Your Pet


Whether you are thinking about making homemade dog treats or just delicious homemade dog food at home, it’s time you gave your dog all natural food. Unfortunately there are not many dog owners who often think about natural foods as they think it’s only regular food for humans that can be all natural. However, that really isn’t the case; anyone can create delicious and all natural dog food at home and without breaking the bank either. Not convinced this is for your dog? Why don’t you read on and see what it can offer your pet.

Why Choose Natural Dog Food?

Let’s be honest, natural isn’t something most people think about and yet it can offer a host of good health benefits. What is more, since it’s all natural foods, it means there are no preservatives and unknown ingredients you have no clue over. Everything is natural and from natural sources which can be very important. Essentially it means nothing is processed and nothing has been made from unnatural sources. You can really find your dog loves natural dog food and you have a lot of options as well. A dog food container can also help to keep the food fresh and last longer.

Can Your Dog Really Benefit From Natural Foods?

Remember, natural means all natural which can help to remove some potentially unhealthy elements from the food. For instance, no preservatives or chemically grown ingredients that might not be best for the dog’s health. Its little things like that which can make a real difference. What is more, there are a host of amazing benefits for the dog when eating natural dog food. Homemade dog treats can also be the same. You can make some treats from natural ingredients and sources.Get more information from

Give Your Dog the Best

petYou might still be skeptical of using natural dog food and yet there are real benefits from it. Dogs not only can find they get proper food that fills them but also food that is a lot safer to consume as well. Yes, natural might not always enter your mind when it comes to dog food and yet it is a real option for a host of reasons. Your dog probably will not notice the difference and that can help to ensure their diets are healthy for them also. If you are unsure about how to store the food, you could get a dog food container or several of them if that helps. You can store all foods there which might make it easier to choose the foods for the day.Learn some news at

Give Your Dog the Best

It’s hard to know what ingredients are best in dog food and which dog food brands offer the best also as there are lots of options available today. However, while you might think any dog food will do, think again. Natural dog food might be the better option for your pet and if you and your dog are happy with that then it might be right. Of course, there are lots of options to consider today so choose wisely. Homemade dog treats can also be made from natural ingredients if you wanted to make them.