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5 Best Homemade Dog Food Recipes Your Dog Will Love (2018)

Today, its uncommon for homeowners to choose to make homemade dog treats for their dogs. As looking to save money or make sure you know the type of ingredients in your dog meals it isn’t that hard to do. It’s easy to make homemade dog food as all you need is to make sure the dog food contains proteins, calcium and other vital nutrients your dog need for energy.

Also, keep an eye on your dog health, while adjusting the recipe when needed, and avoid overfeeding. Its highly recommended to add dog supplements, but check with your veterinarian to make sure you’re getting what they need or if you need to add any new supplements.

Here are 5 great homemade dog food recipes that your dog is sure to enjoy.

Homemade Chicken Dinner Recipe for Dogs

Dogs love chicken meat, and it can be a natural ingredient to use for homemade dog treats. You can add vegetables to these treats but avoid onions and uncooked carrots as they are hard to digests. While you can grind up the chicken, it’s best if you dice up meat, into smaller bites. To prepare this recipe you need 5 pounds of chicken. Use the whole chicken and including the neck meat, heart and livers or use a boneless skinless chicken breast which is cheaper.

Add 2 cups of red cabbage, 2 skinned apples, 2 cups of spinach and 5 whole eggs. Add 2 tablespoons olive oil which can be feed cooked or raw. Make sure the meat is fresh for raw feeding.  Chop up the chicken and boil in a pot with all ingredient until its almost fully cooked.

Homemade fish dinner for dogs

Fish meat is an excellent choice for dogs. Fish is an excellent source for omega 3 fatty acids suitable for your dogs’ skin and coat. Remember some dogs are allergic to fish if you notice any itching after eating fish check with your veterinarian.

To prepare a fish recipe, you will need 2 pounds of fish fillets frozen is fine, 2 cans of pink salmon, 3 whole eggs, 1 cup of ice and 3 cups of diced vegetables.  You can rind or dice the fish and cook for about 5 minutes with the rest of the ingredients.  Learn more.

Chicken, Broccoli and Rice Dinner for Dogs

Broccoli is a great homemade dog treats whether as a snack or a full meal. The recipe is rich in calcium and promotes fresh breath. The feed provides your dog has a well-balanced mealtime when mixed with 5 pounds of diced chicken, 5 whole eggs, 5 cups cooked rice and 3 tablespoons of olive oil.

Homemade Beef Dinner for Dogs

This is the best homemade dog treats made with raw homemade meatballs. You will need 10 pounds of ground beef mostly ground turkey, 10 whole eggs cooked or raw, 5 cups of fried rice white or brown and 3 cups of mixed vegetables.

The recipe is more fun and interesting for your dog. Cook the meat and rice with water and the vegetables near the end of the cooking.   The meal can be used as an easy to catch snack once cooled and can be stored for 5 days refrigerates in a dog food container.

Homemade Doggy Dessert Dinner

Fruits are good for dogs, but not citrus and grapefruits. You can choose tofrom the many choices that are palatable for dogs. Some dogs will enjoy fresh frozen fruits fed as treats especially blueberries. Feed the entire fruits meals sparingly as too much may lead to diarrhoea.

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