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Royalerun Kennel and Jamie Fountain of Dublin, GA have teamed up to  offer our clients Summer Camp 2014!  We are at David's and my camp of 10 years in  Newport,NE. The dogs will get 6 intense weeks of cool weather,  wild birds and big country! Our plan is to end the trip with a few  competitions out West and then the Vizsla and Shorthair Nationals in  Eureka, KS. Space is a bit limited as we are combining clients and dogs  from both kennels. Royalerun already has 7 dogs signed up but can probably take 10. This is a great experience for dogs and clients (we encourage you to come out for as long as you can stay!).

Hey all, made it to Kansas but as always when traveling with 37 dogs and 4 horses it was a bit of an adventure! Left camp at about 9 am on Friday as planned. Took awhile to get dog holes filled in but we got it done. About 2 hours from Eureka I saw a tire come flying through the air. Called Jamie as I was following him and said that I think he needed to pull over. We made it to a rest area and discovered that one of the axles on the big trailer had come apart. After some phone calls, we had a mobile mechanic and a place  to stay the night with the dogs and horses. We limped to a big sale barn that unfortunately due to a huge rain storm and about 100 horses trailers (there was a big weekend horse auction going on) had a huge parking lot that was just a sea of mud and standing water. There was no place to stake out the dogs so for the next 2 days we hand walked 37 dogs in the mud. The axle had to be ordered and the trailer won't be ready for another week. Due to the generosity of the birddog world, another pro drove his trailer down from NE and we transferred all the animals and equipment to the borrowed trailer (in the mud!). Finally, made it to Eureka last night just at dark. Hand walked all the dogs again and went to bed (after a stiff drink!). Jamie and Andrew are living in the borrowed trailer and I spent the day cleaning the Winnibago.

But we are here safe and sound and after a day of rest, we will start getting the dogs out on the Kansas grounds. I'll send Julia and Wendy some pictures that I took with my phone so that you can appreciate the field of mud!

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2005   Third Place GSPCA Nationals Open Gun Dog - NFC DC Doublerun Cole Bier
2006   Winner GSPCA National Futurity - FC RoyaleRun All Bets are Off
2008   Winner GSPCA National Open Gun Dog - NFC DC Doublerun Cole Bier
2008   R/U GSPCA National All-Age - FC RoyaleRun All Bets are Off
2009   R/U GSPCA National All-Age - FC RoyaleRun All Bets are Off
2010   R/U GSPCA National Futurity - RoyaleRun Back in the Saddle
2011   4th place GSPCA National Futurity - Hershey’s Fully Charged
2012   R/U GSPCA National Futurity - RoyaleRun Regardless

This is the fourth year that Cole Bier pups
are out there Winning Big!

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